How to Hide & Find Deleted Text Messages on the iPhone

Text messaging or text messaging is a brief electronic message sent through a cellular network between mobile phones. Texting is an easy way to stay in touch and it is affordable than making calls. Learning to send a text message might be infuriating initially, however with practice you will gain good control over the same and it would be an innate experience like sending an e-mail or conversing over the phone. Prior learning about text messages make sure that you know about the basic utilities and keys on your phone.

For example, familiarize yourself with menu and select keys, learn to access your “Phone book” and so on. If you find it difficult to learn all these without assistance, go through the manual once which will give a clear idea on what it is all about. Mobile phones come in a range of patterns and styles. Gain knowledge about using the keypads and other features.

The steps given below will give you a complete insight on how to send text messages also called as short messaging service, SMS.

• Select the main menu on your cell phone. A number of folders like Phone Book, Messages, Call Register, Extras, will be displayed on the screen. how to find hidden text messages on phone
• Choose “Messages” icon, and then you will see a create message tab. Select the same and it will open up a text screen where you can type the message you want. People use a lot of colloquial and standard abbreviations like BRB, FYI, LOL etc to type quickly and to convey the intended message within the allowed number of characters. The character limit per message depends on your phone feature and the network service provider.
• There is also a mode called “T9” which is nothing but a dictionary. When you turn on this mode your mobile phone automatically deduces the word in relation to the text entered. Turning on “T9” the word is completed without the user typing it. But at times it may need some manual intervention to make sure that the preferred word is typed.
• Enter the text using a keypad and once done it can be forwarded to the desired recipient by selecting the “Option” tab and choose “Send”.
• You can either type the recipient’s phone number manually or go to “Phone Book” and add the receiver’s number.
• After choosing the receiver’s number click on “Send”. In a few seconds you will receive a message “Delivery Report”.

Messaging is absolutely an ideal way to communicate but keep in mind, at times text messaging is expensive rather than calling. Check with your service provider on cost details.

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